Sierra Leone

Country statistics

Sierra Leone

Land area: 27,653 sq miles (71,621 sq km)

Total area: 27,699 sq miles (71,740 sq km)

Population (210 est.): 5,245,695 (growth rate: 2.2%); birth rate: 38.8/1000; infant mortality rate: 80.1/1000; life expectancy: 55.7; density per sq miles: 222

Capital City: Freetown

Monetary unit: Leone

Languages: English (official), Mende (Southern vernacular), Temne (Northern vernacular), Krio (lingua franca)

Ethnicity/race: 20 native African tribes 90% (Temne 30%, Mende 30%, other 30%); Creole (Krio) 10%; refugees from Liberia's recent civil war, small numbers of Europeans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, and Indians

Religions: Islam 60%, indigenous 30%, Christian 10%

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